Galveston Wedding Photography at the Sealy Hutchings Mansion, Galveston, TX.

Nicole + Anthony,

This Wedding Photography at the Sealy Hutchings Mansion was my very first wedding after making my move from Hawaii to Texas.  It was a quaint and simple wedding that was unique and full of class, ease, and very laid back informal in style.  The flexibility of such a wedding allowed for plenty of time to focus on this bride's Wedding Photography.  As a new Houston Wedding Photographer, I was grateful for the opportunity to be able to photograph the bride's getting ready shots, a first look with her father, an outdoor garden wedding ceremony under one-hundred year old oak trees, and then have plenty of alone time to take a walk through the historic neighborhood, followed by a sunset stroll on the Galveston Beach.   

Galveston Wedding Photography at The Bryan Museum Wedding

Amy + Motasim

The Bryan Museum is one of the most elegant wedding venues in Galveston, Texas.  As it's only been open for one year, couples are quickly finding out about this beautiful venue as its property is becoming one of the most sought after locations for Houston and Galveston weddings.  This bride booked me for her Wedding Photography with just weeks before her wedding and I jumped at the opportunity with excitement. I not only wanted to be able to photograph a beautiful couple, but I also longed for another chance to do Wedding Photography at The Bryan Museum.

The Bryan Museum Event Coordinator: Peter Ochoa

Floral Design Island Flowers: Connie Dryden

Linens: Majestic Linens            

Hawaii Wedding Photography at Castle Beach, Kahuku, Hawai'i

Sarah + Kyle

Sarah called me asking if I would shoot a vow renewal ceremony for her and her husband.  They were flying to Oahu from their farm in Idaho, just to say some special words to one another at the beach where they fell in love.  It was just the three of us, but I kept a safe distance with my camera to capture the moment.  She asked me for something unique, something aesthetic, with a look of vintage, so I captured their moments on traditional film with a medium format Hasselblad 503 CW.      

Location: Kahuku, Oahu. Castle Beach

Photgrapher: Ryan Jones

Downtown Honolulu and China Town Engagement Photography

Kim + Cameron

Kim and Cameron are a cute and happy couple in love.  They wanted to get into that ceremonious pre-marriage spirit by doing an engagement photoshoot.  Kim wanted something other than your typical beach Hawaiian engagement session, so together we came up with the idea of incorporating an urban downtown feel infused with a traditional portrait look.

We started with natural light at the Honolulu U.S. Post Office, Custom House and Courthouse.  The  architecture of the 1922 three-story Spanish colonial style building is a perfect place to begin any photo shoot.  And, what better way to end a photoshoot than at the Aloha Tower.  Our beautiful couple will be saying their "I do's" at the end of this month and I can't wait to be there and photograph it!

Location: Downtown Honolulu, Hawai'i, Oahu.  U.S. Federal Courthouse, Aloha Tower, and surrounding area.

Photographer: Ryan Jones

Assistant: Patrík Pázgyera

Diamond Head Beach Park Elopement Wedding Photography

Stacy + Jordan

This was surely an elopement of bittersweet experience.  Stacy and Jordan chose to elope at Diamond Head Beach Park, were the foothills of an extinct volcano meet the ocean.  At the south slope of Diamond Head crater at the most eastern end of Waikiki, there is a narrow stretch of beach made popular by surfers, as well as those who seek a lovely view without the crowd.  

The plan was simple.  Meet the officiant at 5:30pm, be married by 5:45pm, and then do some natural light photography until the sun was to set at 6:22pm, when we were then to do a sunset portrait session.  However, the officiant didn't show at 5:30pm.  He got stuck in Waikiki's gridlock rush hour traffic.  

The sky was beautiful with a thin layer of haze right above the surface of the ocean and the colors were of light blues, pinks and grey.  The light was fading fast as we waited.  Rather than allow stress to ruin the couple's evening, we decided to take pictures while we waited for the reverend to arrive.  The reverend didn't arrive until 15 minutes until the sun was scheduled to sink below the horizon.  It was somewhat dark by then with limited twilight light and we had already shot the sunset portrait photos.  We were faced with performing the ceremony in the dark and I was stricken with the decision of whether to use a flash or not.  As many already know, flash photography for a ceremony in low light conditions doesn't product the most flattering type of images.  The light can be harsh, or inconsistent, and there are many moments that can be missed while waiting for the flash to recharge.  The only other option is to shoot with wide apertures and bump ISO's, but this too has its drawbacks.  High ISO's can produce grainy images and wide apertures present the likelihood of soft, or out-of-focused subjects.

This was the first time I ever shot a sunset portrait session before I shot the ceremony.  I ended up deciding to shoot the ceremony with wide open apertures of 1.2 and 1.4 and managed to minimize ISO settings to produce some very interesting ceremony pictures.  The wide apertures pulled in every ounce of available sky light from the long-gone sun and produced faint pastel colors with a milky sky and ocean scene.  These images were shot in sequence as the sun was departing.  The backlit half-silhouettes were taken just as the reverend arrived and represent the true color and light of the sky.  


 Location:  Diamond Beach Park, Sea Cliffs, Waikiki, Hawaii

Photographer: Ryan Jones