I love being a wedding and portrait photographer in Hawaii.  Twenty years ago, I worked as a film developer in a photo lab.  I have always understood that the term "photographer" held a much deeper meaning than one who merely takes a picture or captures an unforgettable moment.  After years of working within this craft, I made a commitment and dedicated my vocation to studying the art and allure of wedding and portrait photography.  I studied the distinction between snapshots and the breath taking depiction of human emotion.  My  focus became fixated on the skill of capturing these moments with an artistic eye and sense of content.  I pursue this path with the goal of creating art through wedding and portrait photography. 

I have since been privileged to work with a renown wedding photographer in Honolulu who has dominated the Hawaii wedding photography market now for over ten years.  I quickly have adapted to being proficient at both candid and lead roles in development my own and unique style for photography.  I am one of the only photographers who still practice the art of using film photography.  I shoot a combination of 35mm film, as well as 120mm medium format films cameras, along with the very best digital cameras and lenses available on the market.  

The best part of being a wedding photographer are the rewards of being involved with a couples first sacred moments together as husband and wife.  I have found that capturing those precious moments, the ones that last forever, unique and particular to each couple, is one of the most rewarding responsibilities as an artist and a photographer. 

I look forward to every opportunity where I am privileged to capture these moments in time and present them to a bride and groom as a monumental story of their Love.